Alright, let’s do this. If you would want AC1 Remastered, reblog and/or like this post. I’ll try to screencap and keep sending this to Ubi and AC twitters and everything else I can find. We must be heard!

No, you don’t understand!

I need this.

I want AC1 through Revelations done with the graphics engines possible on the PS4 and with Unity’s freerunning. I want to have the execution streaks in all the games prior and none of the crappy “counter kills” in AC1. I want a remastered AC1 through Revelations that is basically a recode so I can fall in love with the games all over again.

And so I can finish AC1 without losing my mind.


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Video Game Environments: (1/)
Assassin’s Creed 4 // Water Porn

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Winter Sun - Eugen Taube

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I spend so much time alone that if I was ever falsely accused for a crime I would never have an alibi


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Solid Body


Another day of learning keyshot!   This is my Outsider sculpt from a few months ago.  I decided to focus on the concept art version of him instead of the in-game model.  



How about some love for a good police officer?

Officer Gaetano Acerra

Responded to a call where a 13 year old boy didnt want to live in his home anymore. He found out that the family couldnt afford a bed or much else for the teen.

So he bought him one. A big queen sized one.

He also bought him a Tv and someone donated a Wii, so now they play whenever Officer Gaetano Acerra has a chance

He also plans to get him a dresser, mirror, and a hamper. Among other things he needs but cannot afford.

People. They’re not ALWAYS a bunch of bastards.

The corruption needs to go.
This guy can stay.

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(I know it’s my tumblr art account but I will put up my cosplays here too).

So here it is:

the informant from the 1st Assassin’s Creed game :)
I’m so proud of it! ♥
(even nobody asked for a photo orz)

A big thanks to my friends for the photos!

Model: me (glas-onion)
photo: chupachupfairy
edit:  siereniethas

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Vincent van Gogh.

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Colonial rite of the Templar order. 

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When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers.

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Clouds by Ambera Wellmann, part I (x)

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